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With the chassis all welded up it’s time for some protective paint before the floor and other panels go in.

…oh, another chassis repair needed. Lets hope there’s no more…

Another chassis repair needed…..

New I beams offered in and welded into place

Some interesting repairs had been made to this bus in the past and some rusty cross members and outriggers have been revealed by the blasting….so….off they come!!

Panel work to go with the van all blasted up, along with a few bits for some other projects on the go at the moment…..You can see the Petrol tank has seen better days…..amazing what blast cleaning reveals as there was no evidence of this tank being this bad before it went away…..time for a new one me thinks!!

Blasting complete, looking good!!

Rear axel removed.

The Summer Creative splitscreen arrives with us for its full strip down restoration, follow the progress of this rebuild.